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This is the home of Kalendar, a simple [multi-user] calendar and to-do list manager designed for use within the K Desktop Environment. The latest development version contains networked calendars, implemented using MySQL.
If you wish to use kalendar as a single user then take the 0.5a release, users wishing to have multi-user capabilities must take the 0.5g (development) release.

Current Development Version

Version 0.5g

Network support is enabled in this version using the MySQL database. I decided to use this rather than develop a network server as a relational database solution is, in my opinion, much cleaner.
I am now using FreeBSD 4.0 with KDE and QT 1.45, I will therefore only provide source code at present.
This release fixes a few bugs but is mainly for users of the newer c++ compiler which complained bitterly about a few of my function names.
Kalendar 0.5g source in tarred gzip format. This is configured for network use, please read the INSTALL file for instructions.

Older Linux based Development binaries
Kalendar 0.5e binary with MySQL support
Kalendar 0.5c binary (without network support).
I have also created a perl script to add users to the MySQL permissions table. Use if you would like to (but read the comments first).

Current Stable Version

Version 0.5a

PLEASE NOTE, The initial 0.5a source release had a missing file. I have re-submitted the release which now includes this file. For those who have already downloaded the release, here is the missing file academic.xpm which belongs in the kal/pics directory.

Compiled and Tested on KDE 1.0. libc5 version also against QT 1.42
Kalendar 0.5a source in tarred gzip format (from this host site)
Kalendar 0.5a (libc5) binary in tarred gzip format
Kalendar 0.4i binary in tarred gzip format (RedHat 5.1 users)
Thank you to Anthony Baxter for providing a Solaris binary of 0.4h

Language Support

Kalendar 0.5 string file
I am looking for translations of both the help file and the messages file into any language except :-
German, both help and messages translated (to 0.3)
Italian, help file translated.
Swedish, messages translated.
French, messages translated.
Spanish, both messages and help translated.
Brazilian, message file translated.
Danish, message file translated.
Portugese, message file translated.


To install the binary distribution,
If using networked calendars then read the INSTALL document.
$ cd $KDEDIR
$ tar zxvf ~/kalendar-0.5e.glibc2.tar.gz (or whatever directory to downloaded it to)
...restart the panel...

Frequently Asked Questions

I have now created a page with the most frequently asked questions.

Screen Shots

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Mark W J Redding, 15th May 2000

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Kalendar Thanks go to linuxsupportline for hosting this site for free.

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