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  Jim Jackson -- Datum: 4 Sep 2000
 The ftp reference for jslaunch on the jslaunch page don't work. Also it's a bit messy when reading with text only lynx, and some of the HTML must be dodgy 'cos in Lynx some then links merge.

site is good so far.

Thanks for this hint. We corrected the URL.
Dear Readers, don't hesitate to report broken links.

But sorry, we can not provide a text-only version to lynx-readers, because we do not have enough server-space for such service.

  Metalking -- Datum: 30 Aug 2000
 This site rocks, i love it...
This is a perfect help for the linuxnewbie like i am !!!
Go on , keep up the good work !!!!!!

  hoppy -- Datum: 29 Aug 2000
 nice mag people,
just found it today (28 august). i'll definately be coming back.
good luck.

  Wacko -- Datum: 29 Aug 2000
 Nice mag, but still needs to grow and guys, work on your spelling, although it isn't your native language.

  Stuart Grant -- Datum: 28 Aug 2000
 An interesting informative magazine. Needs a cartoon strip.

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