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  CD-Brenner Have you already burned a broken CD?
Yes? It seems that you do not work with Linux. Burning CDs and playing Quake or compiling a kernel is not a dream with a real operating system!
Comfortable Frontends
If you burn CDs with WINDOWS, you will know the problem: deactivate the ethernet card and kill all tasks and programs that are still running. Do not move the mouse or the joystick and hope that the screensaver was not turned on.
With Linux it is all different. During copying CDs you do not need to reduce your work on the system. Even "CPU hungry" programs or compiling a new kernel is not a problem. The only way to crash burning is a power failure.
Before buying a new writer you should first inform yourself about which models are supported. This information is available at
In any case you should buy a SCSI writer because these models are supported best. A few ATAPI models are supported also and run under SCSI emulation.

For good results use the programs cdrecord and mkisofs. If you do not want to work on a textconsole (shell) you should get Thomas Niederreiter's Tcl/Tk front-end X-CD-Roast. This front-end offers a comfortable frontend for the two programs.
With X-CD-Roast you are able to arrange your own Data-CDs, copy Music-CDs (read and burn) and both together (data and music on one CD).
X-CD-Roast offers the possibility to write CD-RWs but has not included an erase-button yet. After a warning from the programmer it is even possible to write more than 74 min on a CD even if the CD just has 74 min free space! You shoud not try this with data CDs just with music CDs because the CD quality is worse at the border and you could loose your data. This makes sense if the CD is a little bit longer than 74 minutes.

In the actual version 0.96e X-CD-Roast, which has its roots in a diploma work, runs stable but the windows are sometimes sluggish. This dilemma has its reason in the script-language Tcl/Tk and Tix.
Linux supports the potential to run different programs with different priorities. If a program needs more resources other programs with a lower priority are stopped for a while. You should use this every time if you copy CDs and run X-CD-Roast with:

>> nice -n -20 xcdroast
This command gives xcdroast the lowest nice level equal to the highest priority!

There are other programs to burn CDs, too.
Burn-It is a writer that was specially constructed to run on many other systems. Also this program is "just" a front-end for mkisofs, cdrecord and cdda2wav. The surface is written in Java and that is the cause why it runs on all platforms with Java-runtime and the three programs from above.
The actual stable version is 1.0.6, the developer version has the number 1.4.0.

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