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  Lyx - Logo Use TeX without learning the TeX-commands.
Use the comfort of a modern texteditor and produce a professional result this way.


View TeX before TeXed
Somebody who has to write a scientific paper or book should or has to write it with TeX. If you want to use big formulas, tables or matrices you will meet with your own boundaries. It is annoying to type the same TeX-commands again and again and often you loose the survey of bigger works. As a result you get a professional print with all imaginable finenesses, automatically generated table of contents and index.

If you like formulas this way


instead of viewing TeX code

\[h*f_{p}=h*f_{s}+c^{2}\left( \frac{m_{e}}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^{2}}{c^{2}}}}-m_{e}\right) \]

you ought to change to Lyx urgently.

With Lyx it is possible to create formulas comfortably using a window called math panel:


Another advantage of Lyx is the possibility to compose tables and matrices easily and reduce your work this way.

Pictures can be easily imported into the text as well (postscript an encapsulated postscript files).

Lyx manages the table of contents independently, take care of footnotes, index and references. Everything summarized in a good looking and stable front-end (screenshot).

Complete TeX-support

Nevertheless it is almost impossible (and I think it does not make sense) to include all TeX-commands in one front-end. That's why Lyx offers the possibility to enter  TeX-commands directly and you are not restricted to "few" Lyx-commands. 
Even for TeX-experts Lyx offers an alternative.  You are able to write in TeX-code and use Lyx just for "ugly and big" mathematical terms and tables.

Lyx has it's own file type to save the texts but has additional option to save the texts in .tex file type. Even people without Lyx will be able to read these files.  Of course you are able to save the texts in postscript and dvi type. With the new stable version 1.0 Lyx has the possibility to import .tex files. Lyx uses the program reLyx, specially programed for Lyx.  Beside .tex files you are able to import ASCII files.
The rescue-Save option integrated in Lyx is very good. It prevents that you loose changes in case of a (very very seldom) segmentation fault.

Additional you find a KDE version of Lyx which is developed separately from the original Lyx. Because the Lyx programer want that the final version works on all windowmanager. That's why KLyx will be superfluous sometimes.

Screenshot  screenshot
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