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  WindowsLogo If you want to start an old WINDOWS program you will have to halt Linux and start Windows always?
With WINE these times can be over!

WINDOWS in a window

Often there are WINDOWS programs you do not have an equal one at Linux. One solution seems normal: you have to halt Linux and start WINDOWS.

WINE can be a better solution. It is able to execute binary WINDOWS files (.exe-files) and to display the window of this application at your own X11-windowmanager.

Until now there has not been a big reason to use WINE. Either you were able to find  similar programs for Linux or the WINDOWS programs were too complicated to get them run at Linux with WINE. That is the reason why WINE had a long time the status of a (for a normal user) not useful program although everyone respected the project to be a good thing. 

This changed at once just in that moment they implemented DirectDraw in the WINE-code (at least a big part of it).

Since this moment it has been possible to play WINDOWS games at Linux that use DirectDraw. Two prominent examples are StarCraft and Unreal (although the second one does not want to work on my machine but there are users somewhere who managed it).

The interest in WINE has raised since this moment and it came out, that Corel wants to help to program WINE. This way Corel has the opportunity to "port" their Corel-applications to Linux much faster and Corel gives the WINE-team access to their knowledge they made with WordPerfect.

Again and again you hear: Now Corel wants to run their own applications just with WINE and not as a native Linux-version. This is wrong.
True is that the library - generated by WINE - shall be used to compile WINDOWSspecific systemcalls to Linux. This way it is not necessary to translate the whole program. The programs will run as Linux-applications and they just link dynamically the WINE library and use the offered systemcalls.
In a databank it is possible to search if an application could be run with WINE. You are also able to tell there your experiences made with a WINDOWSprogram used with WINE to other users.

Databank Apps/query.cgi
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