Linux NetMag #1
Titel: Glide pictures with 3Dfx

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If you own a Voodoo 3Dfx graphic card you need not to renounce this feature under Linux. 
With special drivers you will be able to accelerate the graphic output even under Linux.

Voodoo (without needles)
Of course Linux has not yet become a real platform for games but graphic cards and add-on cards with a 3Dfx Voodoo chip are supported if you install the special drivers. These drivers were not just constructed for games but more for all OpenGL applications. Mesa, the free OpenGL-Clone for Linux, offers the possibility to compile the Mesa libraries with 3Dfx support. From this moment everything that will use Mesa runs automatically with additional power from the 3Dfx-card.
Supported cards
Righteous 3D
Monster 3D
Obsidian 4220
SLI Obsidian 4220
Voodoo 2 (special drivers)

The 3Dfx drivers are directly available from 3Dfx where you receive Glide (that's the name of the driver) in version 2.4. So, download fast and unpack with 

>> tar zxvf linux_glide_2_4.tar.gz -C /tmp 
and then start the installation script in the generated directory:
>> cd /tmp/Glide2.4 
>> ./install 
The program wants to know some parameters for the installation. After installing the driver will be in /usr/local/glide (if you did not change the default parameters).
Now it is important to tell the system where it finds the new libraries
>> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=
and a short
>> ldconfig
registers the new libraries for your system. The drivers should be useable now. Over and above that you find in the directory /usr/local/glide/bin a few programs with which you can test the card and see if it functions well.
To make it possible that OpenGl applications run with 3Dfx support you first need the Mesa source (actual version 3.0) from .
Unpack the sources with
>> tar -zxvf MesaLib-3.0.tar.gz -C /tmp/ 
and in the generated directory Mesa-3.0 you find the file README.3DFX which should lead you through the installation without any problems.