Linux NetMag #1
Titel: recommended links

Into the internet with your own web server
Monolith Internet Services, INTL.
Monolith Internet Services offers on their site the free DynSite Project. Everyone who gets a dynamic IP-address from his ISP, can order his own host name.
From this moment on you are reachable under in the whole internet as long as you are online. Together with Apache you are able to build your own web server.
Attention: Monolith does not offer this service for free any longer.
You can evade to this address:
Paint Pictures with letters? This reminds me of the old BBS-times. 
In the WWW this art has come alive again. 
A huge collection of his own pictures offers Joan G. Stark at
The sometimes chaotic collection is good for many surprises.
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    >_.--(.. )   =;`
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QT course for programers
Everyone who ever wanted to know how to program the QT libraries can find at  a 14 days beginner course starting with "Hello World" up to a little game. Every code line is explained step by step.
The windowmanager KDE bases on the QT libraries.