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Linux for the Masses ?
Linux-NetMag TitelDue to CeBit 99 nearly every computer user heard something about Linux. Without any doubt the interest of the press raised very much and many more companies decided to release their products for Linux, too. And every new program was celebrated euphorically and it did not matter if they needed it or not. It was much more a signal that was set by these companies. But exactly this sign does not touch these "normal" users who did never hear about Linux before.

SAP R/3 for Linux was the biggest announcement of the CeBit but touched the normal users much less. Great, that the database server runs on Linux in many networks of companies but big changes for the "normal" desktop user could not be expected. Also many other companies produce tools but these are only servers for Linux because this market promises big profit. And for IBM it is naturally to support Linux like many other OS´s and the Linux community tries to use this message to calm the euphoria of the press. Obviously Linux managed the jump from a hacker's place to a useful OS.
We do not understand why all new products for Linux are just server applications. Most Linux users use it as a desktop solution. It seems that there is no balance between the pro Linux press that wants to see Linux as a concurrent to WINDOWS and what happens in the development faculties of many companies. There, Linux is just another but cheap Unix version that is very popular. Also it is stable now and may take the server tasks which have always been offered by other Unix systems.
Linux replaces more and more NT´s but usual there, where NT was used as a server.

But such use does not touch the advantage of Linux compared to well known Unix versions. The big spread of Linux forced a fast development on the client side. The new Caldera distribution improved Linux as a client. "Linux for the Masses" becomes reality, slowly. Although much work is still necessary in this area Linux is quite easy to install. Was this trend wanted by the Linux community? This could be a difficult question. These projects divide the "old" Linux group.
It is the first time that a Net-OS is useful as a server and as a client at the same time. You get completely new possibilities inside a network. You are able to create a mixture of expensive server/client structures and hardly administrated Peer-to-Peer networks. Every client is able to offer its resources to the net and works as a client and server. The old way to configure a Web-, Ftp- and IRC-server, every one on a single PC, is not necessary any longer (except you want to build a Portal-Site).
But some companies still try to sell their products this way. If you need a single state PC you will get a different OS than for a network connected server. Multiple profit is the aim. Linux on the other hand is configurable in many ways and useful in every situation.

We are not amused that the press seems to understand the announcements of big companies completely wrong. The press thinks that Linux gets more and more acceptance as an OS but the companies use Linux as servers in dark cellars.
We hope that Linux will reach the light offices and we try to support it with this free magazine.
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