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  Entwicklung What happens in the game area? Which programs will be available soon?
We had a sneak at four games that are still in development but look very promising!
[ Civ CTP | Fire &Darkness | Parsec | Pingus |  --links--]

The market discovers Linux
In the game area many new products are announced for the future. The companies discovered that they can make money in the Linux community and now commercial games appear.
In the past Quake and QuakeII were the big exceptions but now "thick" and fast new announcements of games for Linux are made. But do not be afraid there are still games in development that are offered with a GPL or other free license.
That's why we report about two commercial and two free games.
Civilization: Call To Power

This game does not need any introduction. The new continuation of the Civilization-series is in the Linux version now available by the American company "Loki Entertainment Software". The game will appear at the same time as a WINDOWS version and American citizens can order in advance for $50.


The necessary hardware requirements should be the same for the Linux and the WINDOWS version. Of course with more safety on Linux. ;-)
The Linux version will not be an add-on to the WINDOWS game like known from Quakewas, but will be separate in an own box. The game should run on all well known distributions.
The beta testing has already been started and 200 testers are in the lucky position of beeing able to play Civilization. The rest has to wait until the final release on the 26th of March.

Fire & Darkness
Fire & Darkness is the second commercial game in development by Singularity Software. It is a 3D flight simulator like Fury 3 from Microsoft and is programmed for Linux and WINDOWS at the same time.


At March the 18th the programmers got awarded with the "Independent Game Awards" with a 10.000 dollar prize. The jury made a good decision as you can see looking at the graphic engine of the game.
"The status of the development is not satisfactory" say the programmers (e.g. the sound does not work on Linux) and they do not want to present a playable demo, now. But on their homepage is already a not playable version which is enough to fascinate you. Owners of a 3Dfx-card are lucky because they can see a firework with explosions and smoke.
Until now Singularity has not found a partner to distribute the game but the won award should help that, we will soon find this game in the shops.

In contrary to the above two games the space 3D-shooter Parsec shall be free. This game also offers a fantastic 3D-engine and 3Dfx support. However, you just find a few videos and screenshots but nothing to test.


The programmers carried out self-regulation to produce a top game. They want to release a beta version only if it owns the name beta. This should be a good decision if we were not so curios about the game.
Besides the graphic the announced network opportunities of the game fascinates very much. The game, which is mainly constructed for fights in the internet, can also be played in a local area net with the included server.
All servers with a constant connection to the internet will be administrated by a master-server. Now you can jump from one galaxy to another (screenshot) using stargates and the master server leads you to the next server which is responsible for this galaxy. We will wait and see ...


We will have to wait a long time until the game Pingus will be ready because the momentary version number is 0.015 far away from a useable game. But you should be happy about this because there is the danger of addiction and you should enjoy your last free nights without Pingus.
Pingus is a clone of the classic game Lemmings but as you can see with small penguins and a special cuddle factor. Everyone who cannot wait should help programming Pingus because this game has unrestricted priority!

Fire & Darkness
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