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  News With S.u.S.E. 6.0 many things changed.
The new INN 2.2 has new administration tools and also suck changed.
If you wanted to read news after upgrading, some work would be necessary.
Offline News
INN, the InetNetNews Transport System is released in the version 2.2 with S.u.S.E. 6.0. Also suck is on the CD as a rpm package, now.
An update does not sound very complicated but if you risk to install the new version you will see that the news system does not function any longer like before. If no differences appear you are a lucky user and do not change anything. All others should compare their news system with the following configurations.
Problems with starting?

First you should check if the (news-) system boots correctly. Even if no error message appears during booting this does ot mean anything. With any news reader try to get a connect with your local news server. If this procedure functioned your system started without problems. If not, the search starts. You would  get many information if you started and stopped the news system (as root) with

>> /sbin/init.d/inn stop
>> /sbin/init.d/inn start
while you were able to follow the error messages with
>> tail -f /var/log/news/errlog
Since version 2.2 has been released all messages have been send to different files in the directory
>> /var/log/news
Often the errors stuck inside the configuration files of the news system which are now at a new place namely /etc/news .
First have a look at the file inn.conf and change there the first few lines at least. Look at my example inn.conf.

To teach the server how it could handle incoming and outgoing news you have to configure the file newsfeeds. If you did not want to read the manual for this configuration you should try the following entry (of course after you made a backup of the file):

# File /etc/news/neewsfeeds
# End 

All other configuration files in the directory /etc/news should work with the default setting but it could not be wrong to have a look at these, either.



If the news system functioned you should configure suck to read and post news offline.
Sorry but with the new INN all old suck scripts do not work any longer. In any case you need the new scripts which are delivered by S.u.S.E 6.0, too, and these you find at

>> /usr/doc/packages/suck
The only file that "survived" is sucknewsrc.
de.comp.os.linux.hardware -100
#dcolm has high traffic
de.comp.os.linux.misc -200
de.comp.os.linux.networking -300
de.comp.os.linux.x -50

Then you should copy the file

>> /usr/doc/packages/suck/
to /root/ or in any other directory where you want to keep your scripts. The scripts have to be fitted. Behind "REMOTE_HOST=" stands the news server from where you get your news. With "BASEDIR=" you set the directory where suck finds the scripts. "SITE=" sets the site which one we configured with newsfeeds, here it is . Very important is that you remove the option -A in 
${SUCK} ${REMOTE_HOST} -c -A -bp -hl ${LOCAL_HOST} -dt ${TMPDIR} -dm ${MSGDIR} -dd ${BASEDIR}
If you do not remove -A suck will get the news of all news groups that are installed locally and will not use the file sucknewsrc. This might be useful if you installed a new system but we own sucknewsrc and do not need this option. Also it could be a bad surprise if you forgot to delete newsgroups on the local hard disk and only removed these in the sucknewsrc. With the option -A these newsgroups will be downloaded nevertheless and it will download many news because your local news are really old. 
If everything is configured well the system will be ready for a first test.

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