Linux NetMag #2
Titel: Quake II

Quake-Logo The classic Linux game is Quake II.
It was one of the first games that was developed parallel for WINDOWS and Linux and is very popular on Linux..
But what to do if you are done playing all levels at highest skill?

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Anyone who does not known yet: Quake, Quake II, Doom, Heretic and Descent I are playable on Linux. You need the original game and a special add-on for Linux which you can get in the internet. For Quake you get this special program e.g. at But what to do if you played all levels? You should use the multiplayer option. How to use the net? Read further!

Of course you want to play Quake II in the internet to see how well prepared you are. You do not need to make an appointment with friends to meet in the net for a game. There are many servers and players that are happy if another victim joins a game. To find these servers you can use the program XQF which presents very comfortably the actual available servers. You are able to choose a server that fits perfectly to your interests like level, number of players and very important: the connection velocity. You join a game with a double click on the entry. Quake II connects to the server on its own and downloads levels, add-ons and player models if necessary.

Now you find a partner or enemy at any time because the servers have always high traffic and the players are heavily armed. The player with the highest connection velocity has the advantage over the others because he can move very very smoothly. 
It is also possible to play with more than one player from the local net using one telephone line if the PC with the dial-on connection supports masquerading. This reduces the telephone bill and team play will be much better, if this is allowed --- or the other will not catch you at team play.

If this is not enough for you how about MODs?
Additional weapons, objects and new mission objectives are available. A lot of MODs have been created until now and many run on Linux, too.
The most popular MODs are: A big choice of MODs for Linux is available at Linux Quake2 Mods (LQ2M) .
If you play in a multiplayer game you want to be recognized. At you have the opportunity to get many player models and skins. You have the choice between the Kellogs-tiger for softies, Aliens for SF-fans and the Linux maniac becomes a penguin or you mutate to a killing Garfield. Also Bill Gates is available, but no one wants to play him, just kill him.
Interesting for everyone with a headache is the following model:
Yippee Kieay, you . . . !

Capture The Chicken
Capture The Flag
Lithium II
Night Hunters