Linux NetMag #2
Titel: Ripper

Mikrophone If you want to hear your favorite CD music in mp3-format on your computer, you need a Ripper.
These helpers read the music from the CD and create a wave file which can be changed with an encoder into a mp3 file.

Read Music
To create a mp3 file of your favorite CD track you first have to read the music from the CD. These jobs are done by rippers, which are able to read tracks, or just parts of it, and save the music in wave files. These file are usual very big and can reach a size of 100 MBs. Rippers do not use any analog steps to read the track, on the contrary the reading is completely digital. Rippers get the music without any loss of sound quality. It seems that the linux community just knows two spread out rippers with the same good power.

Cdda2wav was the first ripper but is still in use by many programs. Because of its long time in use and the wide spreading this program is very stable. Changes that are made for newer versions just include the support of new CD drives.


Cdparanoia is a completely new construction of cdda2wav. It supports most of the available SCSI- and many ATAPI-dirves. Additionally cdparanoia works very well with corrupted CDs.