Linux NetMag #2
Titel: TK-Brief

Brief IF you want to write a letter you do not need a big word processor.
With tk_brief exists a small helper that produces professional letter with TeX with few expenditure.

Click and Write
This program is a great hit by Ralf Müller. tk_brief is one of the few programs that produces best results with few work. Instead of starting a big word processor you quickly use tk_brief.
The TK frontend asks for the decisive adjustments for your letter. The configuration menu offers the possibility to change the layout of the letter and much more. You use your favorite small editor to write the real letter and with preview you have a first view at your document.


TeX is easy

The final letter is derived with TeX to get the best result (Screenshot). You need the additional TeX package g-brief. The S.u.S.E. distribution has already included g-brief.
Additional the program uses TCL/TK 8.0 (also included in S.u.S.E.).

tk_brief is a small and well done program in a nearly final state that helps saving work.