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Change your look, change your name!

X11amp has changed its name to Xmms (X Multimedia System), and a lot more than just the name is different. The homepage is now at
First the bad news: The old X11amp-skins are not supported any longer and therefore it is necessary to get skins especially fitted for Xmms. There are just a few skins available at the moment. However, these few definitely look good. 


Compared to X11amp, the handling has changed completely. Xmms now offers a GTK-menu: by clicking on the frontend with the right mouse button you are able to comfortably choose one of the many options that the program offers. With the complicated handling of X11amp gone, the file browser now has changed to the standard GTK browser.
Furthermore, a few technical things have changed. The sound output is now handled by plugins. The support of internet broadcast (e.g. sounds very nice and is a full success. With Xmms you are able to comfortably link to an internet broadcast station and in addition to the name you receive the title of the current song (if the broadcast station supports this feature):


The sound output of the internet broadcast is very good and it is seldomly interrupted due to an efficient pre-buffering. However, the high cost of the phone connection prevents this fun from being enjoyable, as long as you do not have a "cheap" internet connection in your company.


Xaudio is a shareware Mp3-player with a Motif frontend (everyone who does not own this commercial library has to use the static version). Since Motif has come into the years, the player looks, compared to others, slightly old. However, the handling is easy and the program can easily be configured via a preferences window:

Furthermore, Xaudio supports internet broadcast, however the quality ist much worse than that of Xmms. A bad connection results in many interruptions and additionally, instead of the broadcast name, just the IP-address is displayed.

Mp3blaster is not a player, only a frontend and just for a terminal (screenshot). Mp3blaster makes it possible to edit a playlist comfortably with text based menues. By means of a file browser you can select the desired tracks. This is a good choice for all system running without X-window, e.g. an old 386 used for playing mp3s only. This program is not created for the majority of Users but could be useful under special circumstances.

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