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Play Descent on Linux?
Native, without any emulation? Two nice candidates exist for you to choose from!


LDescent ScreenshotThe Descent's programmers decided to publish the source code a long time ago since the income for selling the game has dropped to zero. It has taken a long time before the "chaotic" and badly documented source code has risen to a version that was compilable. Linux programmers worked hard and founded the project LDescent. They produced a running version which can be found at The sound support is fairly basic and network games only work with IPX (which can be tunneled trough TCP/IP). Another way would be to write a completely new code. Due to this problems the development was kept on ice and ended (unofficially) with the version 0.20.


Instead of continuing the development of LDescent, the programmers changed to the D1X project, which was designed for WINDOWS and includes a 3Dfx-card support. At first, the programmers rejected the idea of publishing the code but thousands of mails changed their mind. After the D1X-Code had been published, a Linux version was created as well. This version includes a 3Dfx support and is the one and only version of descent that is still in development for Linux.


Both Linux version still require the original Descent 1 game as the level files are not free, only the source code, but it should not be a problem to get an old descent version quite cheaply. Before starting D1X or LDescent, Descent has to be patched to version 1.4a or higher. The necessary DOS program is available at Patching should also work with dosemu (so it is not necessary to halt Linux :->).
After patching you have to copy the files "descent.hog" and "descent.pig" into the directory where LDescent or D1X are installed.  

Descent 3

During the development of Descent 3, the Linux community has always asked for a Linux client. However, at the beginning all of the requests had not been able to change anything. NOW, however, the Linux community has received the official message that a client will be created after all! Whether this one is going to be sold in a separate box or whether we will be able to download it has not been answered up until now. 
Much more promising is a Linux server for descent. After constructing a special server version for WINDOWS with neither a frontend nor a GUI, a Linux version might follow, but no statements have been given so far. 

Hints from a D1X-Developer:

Hello, I happened upon the english version of the linux net mag #3, and saw the references for linux descent. There is a bit of story that is missing, here.

LDescent - got it about right, but instead of "ending" development on ldescent and "moving over to it", it was merged with d1x, giving d1x linux capability.

D1X - this project was based off someone else's original port to DJGPP (DOS gcc) of the initially realeased source code. It's main focus is to enhance and refine the game while retaining the original playability, and raising the technology level of the game to "current" standards. The first few major versions were still DOS only, with linux work starting soon after the first. by the third major version, it worked well under linux. Shortly thereafter, the linux version took off with features (opengl and tcp/ip) while the windows port was just getting started. As of now, the linux version is the most refined, the dos is almost there, and the windows needs a couple more fixes before releasability. The source code to d1x has always been, since the initial version from d1djgpp, open source. It's also virally open source, so it will remain so. (anything written using code from d1x has to be open source)

D1_3dfx (I think this is what you confused with d1x a bit) - a port of d1 to windows, using directx and glide. It was generally unweildy, had odd behavior, and they did not release the source code. (and the programmer disappeared shortly thereafter, so there's absolutely no hope of getting it)

The website for d1x is


~ Victor, aka Sekmu
- Project leader of D1X.

Also of note- the linux version of descent3 has been released here in the states. Woohoo!

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