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LinuxNetMag #3

Xaudio, xmms, mp3blaster
freeztag, kmp3te
TTY-Quake, Quake3Test
Descent, LDescent, DX1
Wine: Installation and Setup
VCron, Kcrontab
Passwords with Gpasman
Bootlogos: Welcome2L...
[email protected] and tools


Alternative Web-Browser
VNC - Windows X-Server
Fetchmail Part II
Apache the webserver
Windows networks: Samba
Webpublishing: Sitecopy
downloadhelp Wget
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HD-/Floppy- Access


Complete list of articles



One laugh a day

UserfriendlyThe daily comic "Userfriendly" is the first point where every surf session should start. There you get information about the employee working for an ISP and their wisdom about Linux and WINDOWS. Every day actual themes coming from the Linux community are spiced with humor. If you have always wanted to know what Microsoft's Anti-Linux-Group looks like and how new NT administrators are educated in the Camp of Redmond, you should regularly look at this site.

The actual daily "static" is at

Big Brother is Watching You

Pictures from SatellitesIn the "Imagery Intelligence Gallery"  (IMINT), you will find a big collection of satellite and arial pictures from the last 50 years.
Sorted by themes, there are pictures made from the Second World War, the Vietnam War and the Kosova conflict. But you will also find a big collection of civil objects, air pictures from Waco and pictures of a possible chemical factory.
Short descriptions beside the pictures support an interpretation.
Available at: x.html

Software. Something New?

LinuxgamesMany web sites try to inform the users about new versions of software. The best site seems to be  Other good sites are and, which also offer a big collection of links of announced programs.
Game freaks should remember two sites that report daily about new games and news from the game sector: and   Often similar reports are at both sites so it is normally enough to look at one regularly.

News, News, News

NewsEveryone who wants to be up-to-date needs news. Much high quality news is at Slashdot:
Longer articles about actual themes are at Linux Today:

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