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  NO Windows!
How about an operating system that welcomes you after booting?
If you do not like the standard login, you should try Welcome2L, LinuxLogo and LiBoL.

Boot logo
Very early the Linux community saw how useful a boot logo was in that every user would recognize which operating system was running. The simple login is enough if you login with telnet but in other cases a small picture could be much nicer.

LinuxLogo -- the classic
The classical boot logo is LinuxLogo and that's why its requirements for graphical support are very low. LinuxLogo presents its logo with standard characters and can be also used in a terminal.

The picture does not look very nice and I prefer the terminal login rather than this one.

Welcome2L -- the demanding
Welcome2L is the follow-up to LinuxLogo and does not try as hard to be a portable program. It tries to paint a very nice picture with ANSI characters:


Still, it cannot be used even in a X-terminal; it looks broken there.
The installation is not comfortable for beginners because of the use of init-scripts is required. A manual is included and describes the installation for many distributions.

LiBoL -- the complete solution
A complete different approach is used by LiBoL (Linux Boot Logo). Instead of using any characters during booting, it displays any bitmapped (*.bmp) picture you want. The system information displayed by the start-up init-scripts is running in the background and in an emergency you are able to switch to them with the ESC key.

RedHat Bootlogo

It functions quite simply and efficiently by using the standard program init which handles starting the scripts. LiBoL replaces init with it's own version that displays a picture, then starts the original init. Due to the ability of the Linux loader LILO to start any program instead of init while booting, it is easy to use a different one.
After installing LiBoL successfully (which happens with a comfortable scripts), the option "init=/path/logoinit" can be used behind the kernel name in LiLo. If everything functioned well, you could add this option into /etc/lilo.conf .


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