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wget To stop a download and restart it later at the same point is the big dream of every Internet user who tried to download StarOffice.

Wget Does It

With wget it is possible to interrupt a download at any time and continue it later. Wget is not restricted to FTP servers, but also supports HTTP downloads. It would be very useful if you accessed a busy server where programs like Netscape run into timeouts and stop the download.

In this case, you should use wget because it tries a reconnect after the timeout and continues from the point it stopped.
If you wanted to download a file from a busy server you would use the command:

>> wget -c

The option -c enables the feature that allows wget to continue at the position where it ran into a timeout.

Do you use an offline reader? You should use the option --proxy=off or otherwise the incomplete file from the proxy cache is downloaded.

If you stopped the download (Ctrl-C) during the work, you could continue at the same position with the same command (of course only if the file is still there).

Wget as a Mirror

Also it is possible to mirror complete HTTP servers. The option :

>>wget -r

downloads a site recursively. This means all links and subdirectories are downloaded and the identical folder structure is build on your computer. But pay attention - wget is not restricted to this server if one link points to another server. Then it download all sites there, too.

To avoid downloading the entire Internet you should add the option :

>>wget -r --level=2 .de

Now all links are followed and downloaded for only a specified maximum level, here 2.


Meanwhile, an X-frontend for wget exists. Tkwget uses the script interpreter TCL/TK. The frontend does not look very splashy because it is still in an early state of development. But it is already very useful for everyone who has forgotten the overview due to the many options available. With tkwget, you can click through all options.



GTM stands for "Gnome Transfer Manager" and is a Gnome program that uses wget for downloads in the background.

Gnome Transfere manager

This program runs as an applett in the Gnome menu, too.


  • wget:
  • tkwget: h ttp://
  • Gnome Transfer Manager: http:/ /
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