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Linux NetMag #4
Linux NetMag #3
Linux NetMag #2
Linux NetMag #1

(In Entwicklung: Linux NetMag #5 )

Linux NetMag #3
Linux NetMag #2
Linux NetMag #1

(under construction: Linux NetMag #4 )

Old news:

  • 30.5.2000: I included the articles that Hoyt Duff corrected: Apache and Samba.
  • 21.5.2000: Felix Geefcke corrected some articles. Thank you very much. These articles are about MP3, freeztag, Quake, Descent, fightsimulators, wine, vcron and gpasman.
    Have fun.
  • 19.5.2000: Today I sent my written diploma theses to the Profs to get my mark. And what happened? A few hours later I found a disturbing fault in a plot description. Too bad but sh.. happens :-)
    Maybe they do not see it. O.K. lets get back to the roots and translate some articles!
  • 18.5.2000: Oh what a great day. From now on the English start pages will also be available at
  • 8.5.2000: My diploma theses is nearly finished and now I have a lot of time for NetMag. I typed 6 articles in the computer which I translated in January. I sent these to Hoyt Duff who still offers to correct the articles. As soon as they are reviewed I'll put them in the news.
  • 4.3.2000: Hoyt Duff corrected the English articles Lightspeed, Linux Logos and [email protected] of the 3rd issue which are now ready for you. I decided to publish the articles at once if they are corrected because it takes always a long time to complete an issue. A few articles are obsolete when the issue is ready.
    Thank you Hoyt for your work.
  • 9.1.2000: Marcel Propp's comments to the first and second issue are included. For the English issues we are still searching for native speakers who will correct them. Please contact me.
  • 31.12.1999: We start the new Millennium with an English main page and the second translated issue.
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