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Maintainers of the Linux NetMag

Ronny Ziegler

Editor and author
e-mail [email protected]
ICQ# 17823333
FAX (089) 2443-27305

Andy Ziegler

Responsible for the English issues of the magazine
e-mail [email protected]

Arzu Yildirim

Proof-reader of the german articles
e-mail [email protected]

Hoyt Duff

Proof-reader of the english articles

We say thank you to the following people for helping us
(in alphabetical order)

Benecke, Jens
Author of the following articles
- Make your own kernel
- The boot process

Jens Benecke is an author of the Linux USER FAQ.

Geefcke, Felix
Proof-reader of the following English articles
- Xaudio, xmms, mp3blaster
- freeztag, kmp3te
- TTY-Quake, Quake3Test
- Descent, LDescent, D1X
- Flightsimulator
- Wine: Installation and Setup
- Just on Time: VCron, Kcrontab
- Passwords with Gpasman

Lyons, Benn
Translated the following article into English
- Chat for your homepage

Rink, Kristian
Author of the following articles
- Adventure ReiserFS


The person K. Rink:
In my live outside of the Internet I was born 1977. 1996 I started my studies at the TU Chemnitz, Germany, in computing. Also I am a hobby photographer and I love music (Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Avantgarde) and books. I had my first steps with SuSE Linux like many German before and now I use the Stampede distribution. This distribution is very good if you want to compile most of the software by your own. I like to work with Linux and the corresponding programs and I began to be an advocate of the system because the license and philosophy of this software is one hundred percent compatible to my ideas. If I investigate my time I sit in front of my Linux-box I use much time with GiMP and experiments with developer-kernels. Linux is fun... :))