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25.06.2000 - Would you purchase the Linux NetMag-CD? - Andy Ziegler
In Germany the Internet excess is very expensive and you have to be online to read our websites or print them.
Until today we would fill one big folder with all our articles.
We got some requests to offer the articles for a small price on a CD with all the tested programs under GPL.

Please let us know, if you also have high Internet-costs and are interested in a CD with all articles and programs on it.
The production-costs for shipping the CD out of Germany will nearly be the same as in Germany
(costs around: 15 DM , 7.67 EURO, 8 US-Dollar)
but the money-transfer charge will be much higher.
The cheapest way to transfer money into another country will be using postbank.
If you transfer money from Germany into another country, it would cost around 10DM if you payed cash at the post office or just 1DM if you own a post-bank account and make an online-transfer. But how much does it cost in your country to transfer money to Germany?
Please let us know how high the transfer charge is in you county and if you would buy the CD for 7.67 EURO or 8 US-Dollar plus transfer charge.

Thanks for your comments.


  Dmitriy Melihov --  Datum: 28 Aug 2000

First of all, I live in Ukraine. Sorry, I don't know how much is charge for transferring money.
I suggest you to accept credit cards for payment. Contact your favorite (or closiest) bank in your area for more information.
This method of payment does not require any extra money for payment.
Dmitriy Melihov

  Don Brock --  Datum: 28 Aug 2000

Not enough content to be worth purchasing.

  Stuart Grant --  Datum: 28 Aug 2000

An interesting informative magazine. Needs a cartoon strip.

  jddickson --  Datum: 26 Aug 2000

Another solution: why not simply make a text-only or other archive version of the magazine for download? If it's zipped, on-line costs will be reduced which served the same end-purpose

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