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This is my cryptography related books page. These books are, for the most part, written by the people accepted to be industry leaders. If you have any yearning to understand the subject of cryptography more, please check out some of these books. You can find out more about each by clicking on its title, and you can then buy it directly from the Amazon Bookstore if you wish.

Regarding the ads on this page: if you are at all interested in what they are showing, please consider clicking on one. I can't really afford to keep updating these pages all the time without some form of compensation. Hopefully the ads are of useful items. If they aren't, I'll E-mail the ad broker. The page is designed to load quickly regardless of the ads. If it does not, please E-mail me about it.


Practical Cryptography:

Pseudorandomness and Cryptographic Applications

Cryptographic Theory, etc:

Network Security:

Maximum Security


Hackers, Hacker Culture and Governments

(Why you need security)

I've also placed "paranoia" books here, such as those on the government doing regular wiretaps (do a search on Echelon). Some of these books are real stories about hackers and government agencies. Read them if you want a good perspective on what security people are dealing with.

Just as a note, I have read the first two of the following books, and they are excellent!

Privacy on the Line
  • John Markhoff's Cyberpunk - the official story of Kevin Mitnick and two other famous hackers.
  • Tsutomo Shimomura & John Markhoff's Takedown - The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw-By the Man Who Did It
    also available in hardcover.
  • Jonathan Littman's The Fugitive Game - Online with Kevin Mitnick
  • Jeff Goodell's The Cyberthief and the Samurai - The True Story of Kevin Mitnick-And the Man Who Hunted Him Down
  • James Bamford: The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency (The NSA).
  • Whitfield Diffie & Susan Landau: Privacy on the Line: the politics of wiretapping and encryption. Buy Enemy of the State now!
  • David Kahn: The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet.
  • I don't usually recommend movies here, but I would highly recommend seeing Enemy of the State with Will Smith as it is a great example of "Big Brother" at work. A good all 'round movie too contrary to the review on the above site. Buy it on [ DVD | VHS ]

If you have read a book on any of these subjects, and think it should be added to this list, E-Mail me with the name and author or ISBN.

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