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This is my coding books page. Books relating to programming in many different areas and directed at various skill levels are listed. If you know of books I haven't listed, please give me the name or ISBN. If you know me and want to get me something as a gift, feel free to get me any book below that has a (wanted) next to it. You can find out more about each by clicking on its title, and you can then buy it directly from the Amazon Bookstore if you wish. If you are Canadian, you'll find that Chapters often has better prices (and lower shipping charges). Simply click on the [ Chapters ] links instead of the book titles.

Regarding the ads on this page: if you are at all interested in what they are showing, please consider clicking on one. I can't really afford to keep updating these pages all the time without some form of compensation. Hopefully the ads are of useful items. If they aren't, I'll E-mail the ad broker. The page is designed to load quickly regardless of the ads. If it does not, please E-mail me about it.

C Programming

Unix / Linux Coding

Code structuring

UI design

If you have read a book on any of these subjects, and think it should be added to this list, E-Mail me with the name and author or ISBN.

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201 Principles of Software Development

1001 Programming Ressources

Beginning Linux Programming

Linux Application Development

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