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    Mike's Coding Page

    Projects I'm working on...


    I'm working quite actively on an ICQ clone for Linux called GICQ. See the homepage for more details. It has been in very active development since the last release (in August) so if you're interested, ask for the latest copy of the source code. I've begun documenting the use of libicq in the creation of other ICQ clones; the work so far is here.


    A project to port USB functionality to Linux. Works quite well for devices like mice, etc. Not working for my digital camera yet. See the project's homepage. Note: this is now part of the Linux kernel project for 2.4, see the kernel notes site.

    Autoconf / Automake

    I've worked out how to use automake and autoconf with my programs now. I don't fully understand them yet, but now I'll be putting up a quick tutorial that you can look at so you don't have to go through what I did.


    I enjoyed using Microsoft Money for Windows 95 while I had the demo version. It's a useful program but has it's faults ... and so I'm going to start working on a GTK+ money management package. It's vapourware at this stage, meaning absolutely no code exists for it, but I'd like to keep it that way until I get some good feedback on what people would like to see. Take a look at the outline I have for what I want it to do so far.

    Site Updates & News

    November 14th, 1999: I've started actually making this a Linux programming page. I've been working too hard on my projects and thinking up new projects to get to it until now.

    February 9th, 1999: I will be turning this into a Linux programming page slowly but surely. I never had the time to make it what I wanted it to be, but I hope to be able to change that.

    October 6th, 1998: PC Processor Guide by Robert Collins.

    April 12th, 1998: good article on defining hackers & crackers.
    Getting into multithreading with MFC and enjoying it ... be updating again soon.

    February 5th, 1998: Check out Developing Professional Applications in Windows 95 and Nt Using MFC by Marshall Brain & Lance Lovette for an excellent beginner's and professional's introduction and perspective on MFC programming.

    January 17th, 1998: Uploaded DISPENV10.EXE ... ever wanted to just know the command-line and environment being passed to a program? That's all this sucker does.

    January 10th, 1998: I haven't had, and probably won't have time in the near future to update this site much. Check back when you feel like it, but don't expect much. I'll post any really significant updates in the newsgroups.

    April 10th, 1997: I have the Norton Guides. You'll find them very useful, I'm sure if you're into DOS coding. There's everything from using DEBUG.EXE to the MMX instruction set.

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