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Mike's Privacy Links

(Michael T. Babcock <[email protected]>)
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My Links

This is a list of sites that are relevant to PGP or personal security and privacy. Some of them deal with the same subject material as my site, whereas others deal with entirely seperate issues. Pay them a visit, as I've made an effort to only list sites that I find interesting or at least useful.

Note: some of these sites may have requested or paid for these links. They will not receive priority or special locations in the lists.

Government sites

Other encryption software

Authentication sites:


Essays, discussions

Programs using PGP:

  • Keyview is a great file viewing / conversion program that uses PGP to secure files.

PGP shells:

Mail / News plug-ins:

Drive / partition encryption:

Lists of links:


Browser related:

Fortify for Netscape
  • Fortify brings your 40 bit Netscape up to 128 bit.
  • NSClean and IEClean: clean up Netscape's and IExplorer's stored info.

Groups / Comittees:


Other WWW Sites


If you would like to have your PGP related site added to this list, E-Mail me with the relevant details.

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