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I'm helping maintain GICQ and completely maintaining LIBICQ for Linux. Libicq is a library for linking against an ICQ client. gICQ is an implementation of Libicq for reference or regular use.


I've put up a quick-download site which will usually contain a compilable version of GICQ and LIBICQ from within the week. Full release versions will be announced on Freshmeat.


If you have any desire to do some coding, reworking of code or experimenting, please feel free to E-mail me. I'll send you a .tar.gz of the latest version or give you anonymous read-only CVS access to the project. If you are currently developping an ICQ clone, please consider putting your ICQ knowledge to use in libicq and link it to your project so everyone can benefit from all the latest features.

libicq is written in C and uses GLIB. If you know C, you'll be fine. (Someone with some extra experience in memory management would be nice). If you haven't used GLIB before, you'll find it's very easy to use and doesn't make up for much of the code, so you can pretty much ignore it. Experience in TCP or UDP code would be an asset although you can also use the libicq source as your primer in these if you wish.


libicq was around before I was and as far as I know, these are the people who deserve to be listed as authors (I have tried to deSPAMify those individuals' E-mail addresses that are not my own to protect them; pobox.com does spam filtering for me):

If you should be on this list, please notify me.

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I also have a few generic ICQ development pages up:

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