Desktop Samples

I do my daily work both at work and at home in Linux. I use the Gnome desktop with the Enlightenment window manager. These are samples of my screen while I work in various applications:

Click the image type (below each image) for a larger version. Note that although JPGs are often significantly smaller, the PNG versions are precise and much nicer looking. This is especially true of those screenshots composed primarily of text. JPG does a very poor job of compressing high contrast image sections with sharp edges (such as black text on a white background). The difference in quality is also almost inversly proportionate to the difference in size; if the PNG is much larger, the image did not compress well in that format whereas if the PNG is almost the same size as the JPG, the image is well suited to the PNG compression format. My web design and graphics information pages have more information on this, by the way.

[ PNG (636k) | JPG (271k) ]

[ PNG (608k) | JPG (340k) ]

[ PNG (387k) | JPG (219k) ]

[ PNG (868k) | JPG (341k) ]

[ PNG (682k) | JPG (226k) ]

[ PNG (791k) | JPG (280k) ]

[ PNG (1002k) | JPG (302k) ]

[ PNG (741k) | JPG (359k) ]

[ PNG (544k) | JPG (240k) ]

[ PNG (361k) | JPG (251k) ]

[ PNG (269k) | JPG (286k) ]

[ PNG (510k) | JPG (251k) ]

The next three shots (next two, then the bottom left one) were taken one after the other; the first is me coding libicq, the next is me looking up motherboard information and the third is GIMP with the previous screenshots active.

[ PNG (290k) | JPG (262k) ]

[ PNG (510k) | JPG (295k) ]

[ PNG (649k) | JPG (345k) ]

[ PNG (319k) | JPG (109k) ]

This is me creating ripping and encoding MP3s the easy way. (Note my thoughts on GRIP elsewhere).

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