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    I was recently married, on the 8th of August of 1998. Cindy (then Cameron) & I would have been going out for 3 years in October and were engaged on September 1st, 1997. We're finally together "full-time", which is wonderful because we'd been attending different schools, over 4 hours apart. We communicated by phone and ICQ all the time. If you want check out a picture of her, she's in my photo directory ... and the picture to the right is of me several years ago now.

    I've started a new page that reads a bit like a life story. If you like the personal stuff, or you'd like to know more about myself or one of my friends (or you are one of my friends and you want to know what I've said about you), just check out my new Mike for real pages.

    This is a small 80k MPEG I made with DMORF of a morphage of my pictures from grade 9 through 12. I still have to do grade 13 and first year college as well as fix the little 'hicup' it has after grade 10. If you don't have a plug-in for viewing MPEGs, grab InterVU; I use it and find it excellent.

    Netscape Communicator
    ... or ...
    Internet Explorer

    remember: it's your choice!

    A picture of me in spring of 1996 (grade 13) is visible lower down on this page.

    Please take a moment to fill out my guestbook. It'll only take a moment, it's not very long at all. You can also see what other's have to say.

    If the whole Clinton Thing facinates you, have a look at the available books and videos available from my page.

    A bit about myself

    I am 21 years old, born the 7th of July, 1977. In June of 1996 I graduated from Collège Notre-Dame in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Although accepted to Laurentian University into a 4 year Honors in Comp.Sci., I am now attending EPBC (Eastern Pentecostal Bible College) in my second year of a B.Th. program to become a pastor.

    My best subjects in High School were mathematics (Calculus, Finite and Algebra), physics and computers, although I am almost equally talented in languages and arts. I'm considered fluently bilingual as I attended an all-french highschool and even have my OAC French. I'm responsable for all the graphic elements of these pages, as well as the general design layout.

    I got married last summer on the 8th of August, 1998 to Cynthia (then Cameron). We had a wonderful wedding with lots of family and friends there and some pictures should be available soon on my photos page. We were given a week in the Bahamas for our honeymoon and that was wonderful too (thanks!).

    I tend to be a fairly laid-back type of a guy, unless i'm with a large group of my friends, in which case i'm not the life of the party, but i'm definately into it. I enjoy hanging out with a lot of friends, although a good female presence is definately where it's at. I have a page set up with some select photos of the people I hang out with... right here. Being a people-person also includes the iNET, so be sure to E-mail me, or give me a buzz with ICQ.

    If you would like me to help you with a web page, contact me by E-mail.

    There's nothing quite like exploring a new page, is there? Well, this page is going to be worth your time. I have some great links available to various places, and some great stuff that I've put together as well. Now, if you're new to the web, and still aren't sure what URL, FAQ, USENET, FTP or CGI stand for, join the many others that have learned through the WWW FAQ (World Wide Web Frequently asked questions). You will learn what those short forms mean, and how to make your own web pages on the side. There are many other things you'll find on this page. For instance, if you're worried at all about the security issues involved in sending E-mail and the like, or didn't know that there were any, then check out PGP. If you happen to like programming, or might just be interested in it, then make sure you pass by my Programming page. You may not care about that kind of thing at all, and may just be interested in these cool graphics that surround you. Well, you've come to the right place for that too. Looking for more great places to go? Try out HotBot, or follow the WebRing. Whatever way you look at it, this page deserves a bookmark. Tell your friends about it! Better yet, tell me about it! Send me some E-mail and describe your experience here. If you want more or less graphics, different subjects, or another section, just say so. Make sure you sign the Guest Book while you're at it. Have a good one!

    I have a few chat program I use, including PowWow, which supports multi-user chat, private chat, chat rooms, and voice ... [  Page Me ], PGP Phone (for encrypted voice communications), ICQ for instant messages, etc. and the AOL Instant Messager.

    If you have ICQ, you can:

    More about me

    I used to program quite a bit in C, C++ and 80XXX assembly, all using Borland tools. I enjoyed writing my DOS programs tightly coded in 386 protected mode ASM, often with certain 486 and P5 optimisations.

    However, now that I'm studying to be a pastor, I don't have as much free time and my techy habits have disintegrated to the point of editing my home page and doing a bit of JAVA programming.

    Actually, I'm working more often on HTML and C now that I'm running Linux ...

    I lived with my mother and her parents in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) until I got married this summer. My dad lives in Ottawa, and is a project scientist for the Canadian government. He works in the product safety and testing lab, and if you want to ask him any questions about what he does, I'm sure you could E-mail him there.

    Original Newton Messagepad with my PGP Keys on-screen

    I'm also the proud owner of the original Newton Messagepad, sadly discontinued by Apple. No, I am not an Apple freak, however I do appreciate good technology in the palm of my hand. Please enjoy my PGP fingerprints and phone numbers plastered on screen shown here.

    I'm saving up right now for a Psion Series 5 handheld. The specifications are simply incredible. With the number of built-in applications and supposed easy typing keyboard ... how can you go wrong? [ Watch an online shockwave demo ].

    Amazon Bookstore Associate Some people find it wierd, but I really enjoy reading good math and quantum-physics related books. Some of my math-related favorites are Beyond Numeracy, Innumeracy and A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper by John Allen Paulos, The Jungles of Randomness and The Mathematical Tourist by Ivars Peterson (who has also written a supposedly excellent book on Chasing Killer Computer Bugs). These are easy to read, especially John Allen Paulos. I find that he aims his books at those who took High School math, got lost, and feel that math is for losers or brainers. He tries to give the "average Joe" a look at mathematics that is both humerous and enlightening. You can pick up any of these books by clicking on them.

    On the side of quantum physics, I've really enjoyed Paradox Lost, Schrodinger's Cat, Schrodinger's Kittens and Where does the weirdness go?. The first and last books are interesting as they attempt to show that Quantum mechanics, if seen in the right light (excuse the pun), are not paradox-ridden, but makes sense and can hold itself together.

    I like playing Quake! ... it's a great 3D action game, assuming you don't mind feeling like you're being stalked after playing it for an hour or ten. If you'd like to play against me, get a hold of me via E-mail, Powwow, or ICQ ... (methods listed above). Then, we can play on HEAT.NET (get your FREE membership -- now!). I also have C&C Red Alert, Net Fighter and Diablo which I play on HEAT. BTW, in this day of Net'vertising, I don't get anything out of plugging HEAT here; I just like the system. BTW#2: HEAT.NET is operated by SEGASOFT.

    Richard Marcinko's Rogue Warrior If you're into the Marine or SEAL thing at all, you'll love reading Richard Marcinko's autobiography, Rogue Warrior where he tells of how he created Seal Team 6, how the government screwed him over, and why he got thrown in jail. Some of his other (fictional) books are Red Cell, Green Team, Task Force Blue, Designation Gold, Option Delta and Sea Force Alpha. In case it bothers you, these are laiden with SEAL-type dirt-talk ... so if you're not up to some vile language, I wouldn't recommend picking these up. If you're looking for a great action book, with some real-life experience and true specs, buy one of these by clicking on them!

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six If you like books lighter on the language and heavier on the politics, try the ongoing saga of Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy. Tom Clancy is an excellent writer who has written some very good books on the workings of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers aside from his fiction. His writing style can be difficult to follow for some, as he often introduces smaller characters by fate before name. You know that `a person' is going to die, then he introduces you (a few chapters later) to `a person'. Then you figure out that they're the same person and you've redoubled your pity for them. His series on Jack Ryan focusses on realistic world events, black ops in the CIA, the Russians, the Middle East crisis and others. He has very distinct pro-America ideologies, believes in peace but the temporary necessity of war and his political views are splashed on every page. Fortunately, I agree with most of it, so I enjoy his books greatly. I've listed the books of his that follow the Jack Ryan story below:

    [ The Hunt for Red October | Red Storm Rising | Patriot Games | The Cardinal of the Kremlin ]
    [ Clear and Present Danger | The Sum of all Fears | Without Remorse ]
    [ Debt of Honor | Executive Orders | Rainbow Six ]

    X-files is one of my favorite TV shows ... along with Home Improvement. To go along with that, this summer's "Conspiracy Theory" is the best movie I've seen in a long time.

    Free Speech On-line!

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