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    Mike's a Christian!

    I'm a Christian. What does that mean to me? That means that I've accepted the truth that Jesus, the Christ, was and is both the Living Son of God and God Himself. He was and is entirely God and entirely human. Being entirely human, he was tempted and yet never sinned, setting himself apart from us as living perfectly. I believe that historically He was crucified and that through this death and His later ressurection, it is no longer necessary for me to be cut off from God. God hates sin, but more then that, sin is diametrically opposed to what God is all about -- and thus cannot but put sin away from Himself. Jesus made it so that I would not be put away from God's presence, but that He would be able to see me as innocent, even though I am guilty of sin. Jesus took all the blame for everything anyone has ever done wrong. As such, anyone can, out of gratitude and a need for hope, ask God's forgiveness and He can give it freely, having already placed the weight of our badness on Jesus when he died on the cross. I have accepted Him as the master of my life and will attempt at all times to do what I believe He would have me do. In failure, He loves me no less, and the fact that He died in my place for all the sins I have ever, or will ever commit means that I will never be held accountable for my sins, unless I reject Him distinctly and purposefully. I will not do this.

    I believe that this death of His (as an innocent person completely without Sin) covered for the sins of everyone who has ever lived, and ever will live. I believe it is simply any person's acceptance of this truth, their request that He absolve them of their sins, and their determination to make Him master of their lives that absolves them. You'll have to excuse my repetition, but I believe this so strongly ... you must experience it to understand the peace and excitement this understanding brings to one's life.

    I love my God because He was willing to create for Himself a human body and come and experience pain and death so that I could live with Him forever, even before I knew this to be true. He did this even for those people who will never accept this gift. Because of this, I will attempt to do those things He deems to be right, and aim not to do those things He deems wrong. This I consider to be holy living.

    I am not perfect. I don't think that I will ever achieve perfection out of my own efforts. I believe however that God considers me perfect because of Jesus' death on that cross.

    I believe also that when someday I die physically, my spirit will be given a new body in the place He has made for all Christians (as defined above) which I know as Heaven or Paradise. This is where I will live under His righteous rule with all other Christians without sin, pain or death for the rest of eternity.

    This Ring of Faith site is owned by:

    Michael T. Babcock

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    Inspirational tidbits:

    From time to time, I send out an E-mail to some of my Christian friends containing a scripture that's been inspirational to me. This is a list of those ...

    A few links:

    Eastern Pentecostal Bible College - The bible college where my uncle is currently attending to become a pastor. Excellent teaching staff, great faculty.

    N.B. I recently re-did EPBC's Distance Education homepage. Check out the revised version and tell me what you think.

    The Real News Newsletter - a newsletter that I co-edit for a group at my church. Very good articles ... but then again, I'm biassed.

    Zondervan - Makers of the NIV Study/Student/Devotional/etc. Bibles ... very good publishing house. Make sure you check out their new titles in books, etc.

    The WWW Bible Gateway - Access to the whole Bible text on-line, in many translations.

    Goshen net has the Matthew Henry commentary, greek and hebrew lexicons, many translations of the Bible and much more. Did I mention free?

    Welcome to Jeremiah YTEP's HomePage
    Religious Studies student from Hong Kong, includes sharing of Christianity

    That's all for now! Come back soon!

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