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    My list of cool links

    This is the list of links I maintain for when I'm at a client's house or talking to friends by E-mail and want to send them somewhere. If you're new to the web, some of these may help you out, but you'll find better on my beginners page. These all open in this window. If you want to come back here after looking at or bookmarking a site, just use your Back button.

    Discussions, etc.

    There are a lot of places to go to find other people with similar interests and discuss everything from sewing to relationships. Some of the best places to find people are at these sites (to the left). You need to sign up with most of them and become "a member" but none of them cost anything and most of them don't E-mail you about anything unless you ask them to. These can be very anonymous and a good way to ask questions of other people or post your opinions for the world to see.

    Free E-mail

    Many sites are offering free E-mail accounts to just about anyone so they can make money off of the advertising or links to other sites. Feel free to try out several and see which is fastest, most reliable and easy to use. These are especially useful if you want to receive E-mail semi-anonymously.

    My (really old) list of links

    onLine's WWWeb Index

    A searchable database of business Web sites. Add your own.

    Web Wonder of the Week

    One Great Site A Week

    Jayde Online Directory

    A concise rated index of the best sites on the WWW.

    Dolphin J's Home Page

    Tabitha's Freebies and Contests

    This site contains lists of freestuff and contests on and off the web.

    Inspirations HTML & Web Resources
    HTML, Java, Vrml, Animation, Images, Icons, Backgrounds, faq's, Etc.!!

    Cindy's Links

    A collection of tables of links, changed often.

    A+ Web Publicity

    Let us promote your web site. VERY AFFORDABLE with many options.

    Jeff Burton's Home Page

    Devoted to 3D graphics, fractals, and graphic software development.

    Other Great Home Pages

    I will exchange links with you. Great home pages need only apply!!Everyone

    ACE Insignias - U.S. Military Memorabilia

    Memorabilia from all branches of U.S. Armed Forces.

    Stafford Computer Service Center

    Free Web Space, Sell Your Equiptment or Get Advice From Our Computer Chat

    Gregs Cool Homepage

    Pages on movies, links, search engines, free homepages, and more!

    Crystal's Lair

    The Page With Evertthing!! Disney, Unicorns, Links, And Parenting Issues.



    Prakash Hemdev's Home Page

    Personal Home Page with a lot of links to India info and Web resources

    My Home Page

    Contains sound files, coffee ideas, and other links of interest

    Web Sites

    Web Sites who helped with our page & other links

    TechniComp Custom PC Software

    Search Links, Index Search,$4.95 Web Pages, Software for Avon Sales Reps.,


    Submit your site to over 200 search engines, and directories for free!

    Teri's Home Page

    Nascar links, other home pages, links to Canadian outfitters, lots of fun!

    Joe's Awesome Homepage

    My homepage has tons of cool info on it(A Beatles page, pickup lines,etc..

    Teri's Home Page

    Nascar links, other home pages, links to Canadian outfitters, lots of fun!

    Joe's Awesome Homepage

    My homepage has tons of cool info on it(A Beatles page, pickup lines,etc..

    INFOMATIQUE! Online Services

    We at Infomatique! can help you to promote your site be exchanging links

    Also, Earn Higher Grades Quickly, Score Higher on the SATs Fast, and more!!

    New Credit File!!!

    The only 100% effective and 100% legal way to obtain a new credit file!!!

    Internet Jump Point

    A Good Everything Site but Focused of Computers

    John-Mark Morley

    My next door neighbour

    USS Enterprise Technical data

    by Steve Coles, one of the guys on my floor in first year at college.

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