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FREESCO (stands for FREE ciSCO) is a free replacement for commercial routers supporting up to 3 ethernet/arcnet/tokenring/arlan network cards and up to 2 modems.
Why should you use Freesco? birthdays today
  • Ease of use - it's insanely easy to set up
  • Thoroughly documented - it's more or less self contained, read one doc and you're off and running
  • Like most players in this field, it runs off one floppy
  • FreeSco runs in as little as 6 Mb RAM.
  • Unique Web Control Panel
Freesco is the easiest to use, one disk Linux system available. For more, read the full overview. ferret care
04-06-00 We've bought new hosting for
Some cgi scripts don't work yet, so please be patient.
25-05-00 Stable Freesco 0.2.6 Released!
Important changes since 0.2.5:
  • IPSec support removed (for now) to solve the kernel crashes some people experienced
  • lpd (print server) now handles large print jobs correctly, and includes better logging
  • dhcp client updated again, should work better with cable isp's
  • "cannot copy *.isp to chat.pwd" bug in ethernet mode fixed
  • new mgetty to fix the RAS dialin server
  • free disk space up from 31kb to 58kb
  • smc-ultra.o module is now built in
  • dyndns stats page is now refreshed correctly
  • /mnt/router/fix dir for dropping in updated /bin commands
  • snarf updated to 2.0.9
  • dhcp server assigns dns server option based on subnet
  • uptime command added
  • plus lots of small changes
This is a 'stable' version of 0.2.5 where all known important bugs have been fixed, but no significant new features have been added.

New freesco domains. has been quite unreliable lately, so and now point to our mirror page at please try these if you're unable to reach
11-04-00 Changed Links page - many new added.
Added DejaSearch - Dejanews Power Search. Try it.
19-03-00 The long awaited Freesco v0.2.5 released!
Here are some of the new features since 0.2.3a:
  • Multiple ISP support, selectable from web admin or console
  • Much improved and commented setup
  • Easier port forwarding setup
  • DynDNS support
  • Support for second print server
  • ip_masq_icq & ip_masq_h3231 modules
  • dhcp client reports hostname
  • Better web admin control & security
  • Connect speed in log and link status feature on web admin
  • Optional ident daemon available for download
  • And many many other small changes and improvements
Important bug fixes
  • Loading of extra network card drivers
  • Time update and clock command now Y2K compliant
  • Some DNS fixes
  • noipdefault option for pppd
4-12-99 New web design
07-11-99 Cake, candles and wine!!! Beta v0.2.3 ready for tests!!!
Sorry Simon, I lied you - changes are very drastic. Hope you forgive me :)
Great improvement:
  • Web Control Panel (must be seen).
  • Ability to back up ethernet link via dialup link.
  • arlan support (tested 2Mb version).
  • arcnet support (tested).
  • port forwarding.
  • IP addr ban list.
  • and many more small changes
  • and as usual some old bugs were fixed and some new were added :)
 29-09-99 Version 0.2.0 is ready for testing. Manual was updated.

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