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(step by step in pictures)

  © 2000 Serge V. Storojevykh

The Dynamic DNS service allows you to alias a dynamic IP address to a static hostname, allowing your computer to be more easily accessed from various locations on the Internet. By other words people will be able to access your server(s) (http,ftp) by symbolic name like yourname.dyndns.org. This service is usefull for dialup users.

First of all you must create a new account at www.dyndns.org

Click the link above or the picture on the right to open dyndns site in new browser window.

Then in the new windows click the Members NIC link.

In new loaded screen click the New Account link.

Then read Policy agreement and click the Agree at the bottom of the page.

Now choose a username (you will use it to login to your account, it won't be your host name), type your e-mail address, then click the Create Account button.

I hope you'll be clever and will use only alphanumeric character in your user name, otherwise  don't ask me why your dyndns client can't update DNS record.

After some time you will receive a confirmation e-mail from dyndns, it will contain your user name and temporary password.

Check your e-mail box.

Now back to dyndns browser window and click the login link.

You will be asked your user name and password to login to your account. Type them and click the OK button.

Don't use test password you see above. You must receive by e-mail your own.

If you didn't make any typos you will successfully login.

Now you can change your password and make it more nice then original sent you by dyndns.

I hope you'll be clever and will use only alphanumeric character in your password, otherwise don't ask me why your dyndns client can't update DNS record. NOTE: It's possible that dyndns client won't be able to update DNS record even with normal alphanumeric password, sometimes it happens due to bug in snarf program. You may need to change password or even login name and everything will be fine.

Now login again using your username and new password.

So far so good.
My congratularions.

Click the Dynamic DNS link.

Time to choose a name for your host. You http server will be visible on the internet as name.dyndns.org

In this example we take mynudepics as a name, so you internet name for your server will be mynudepics.dyndns.org

If the name you tried to choose wasn't already taken you will see success page with return code: NOERROR

Otherwise choose another name and try again.

Then click the Back to Dynamic DNS link

Mark the radio button opposite chosen name and click the Edit button.

NOTE: freesco support updating only for one dyndns host!

On the next page, called "Modify Dynamic DNS HOST" click the View then Source in menu bar of Internet Explorer (View then Page Source in Netscape Navigator)

The notepad program (or another window of NN) will be opened with html codes of "Modify Dynamic DNS HOST" page in it.
Find "NAME="host_id" VALUE=" 59731" occurrence in html codes, write it down.

Now you have everything to setup your freesco dyndns client:
  • DYNNAME=username (corel in this example)
  • DYNPASS=password (hidden in this example)
  • HOST_ID=nnnnn (59731 in this example)

Lets back to freesco setup and fill answers for dyndns client.

Assuming that the rest of your freesco settings are correct and proper and your router works fine.
Now from any local computer connect to freesco Web Control Panel and login as admin.

Click the Up link to bring up connection, wait some time till the connection is established, then click the Status link

You will see that the connection to ISP is established, connection speed, IP addresses of established link and the DynDNS Stat link. Click it.

If dyndns update was successful you will see a page like this. Return/Error Code NOERROR means update was successful and date/time at the bottom of the page shows when it happened.

And final test. For this test I enabled worldwide my freesco Public HTTP server and tried to access to my freesco box by symbolic name http://mynudepics.dyndns.org Success!

NOTE!!! You can't access your freesco box from inside localnet using your external IP address or this symbolic name. You have to ask your friend to test symbolic name or use computer connected via another link as I did.

Unfortunatelly I don't have any nude pictures of me at the moment so you don't see them on the final screenshot. :)