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* Easy Cyrillic *

Description: Cyrillic support for LINUX console with very easy setup and config.

Version: 1.0.3 12/11/98

Authors: Serg V. Storojevykh
Wartan Hachaturov

Requirements: any LINUX on IBM PC compatible computer with VGA.
Programs: setfont, mapscrn, loadkeys.


  • Full support for KOI8, CP1251 and CP866, ability to support user defined languages.
  • BackSpace sends `Delete' (\177) Control + Backspase sends 'Backspace' (^H)
  • Keyboard layout is in accordance with Microsoft russian keyboard layout.
    For example in russian mode Slash button [/?] produces dot "." , and comma "," if pressed with Shift.
  • Support for windows keyboard [keycode 125,126,127]
    Control + left "Window" acts as as Prev_Console,
    Control + right "Window" acts as as Next_Console,
    both of them with Alt works as "startx\n".
    "Menu" reserved for switching layouts between En <-> Ru,
    but you can program it. It's up to you.
  • Easy configuration for layout's switch key(s) (En <-> Ru).
  • Hotkeys for switch quickly between different codepages.
    From shell prompt press Shift+F1 for KOI8, Shift+F2 for CP1251,
    Shift+F3 for CP866 and Shift+F4 for user defined.
    Or you can use (not recommended): Ctrl+Alt+1 - KOI8,
    Ctrl+Alt+2 - CP1251, Ctrl+Alt+3 - CP866, Ctrl+Alt+4 - user.
    Why not recommended - I hope I'll add X support and Shift+Fn
    will work correct even under X.
  • Hotkeys (in .inputrc and .mc.inputrc) for some useful commands:
    Shift+F1 - "ec koi8\n", Shift+F2 - "ec cp1251\n" etc,
    F7 - "mc\n", Shift+F7 - "startx\n", F10 - "exit\n".
    This will work only in bash mode. You can add your own shortcuts by similar way.

7. 12/11/98 v1.0.3 Fixed bug with initial mapscrn
6. 04/10/98 v1.0.2 Fixed bug which caused Xconfigurator error
5. 30/03/98 v1.0.1 Fixed some bugs.
4. 23/03/98 v1.0.0 Rewriten Install.me, added interactive config
for switch key's combination. Added Slackware support.
3. 16/03/98 Written .inputrc, rewritten Install.me.
Written README.koi8. Added transcode program todos.
2. 06/03/98 Written Install.me script file. Added Debian support.
1. 05/03/98 v0.1.0 Cyrillic console support started.

Sorry: for poor english.


  1. Assume you have file easy-cyrillic-X.Y.Z.tgz :)) Unpack it with command: "tar -zxf easy-cyrillic*.tgz"
  2. Read READ.ME.* first. I guess you are doing it :)
  3. Run Install.me. If you aren't root please start it from logon (primary) shell. I mean exit from Midnight Commander. If you run it for the first time it will add some files and make changes in existing files like for example .inputrc . If you run it next time you can change layout switch key(s) but it won't change those files. If you are really going to reinstall easy-cyrillic use Install.me with any argument. There is no uninstall at all.
  4. I recommend you to restart your computer. In RedHat or Debian or Slackware Linux install will put some startup files in /etc/rc.d, in other Linux you may have to do it manually or lunch "ec koi8", "ec cp866" or "ec cp1251" after every login. If you aren't root it'll install easy-cyrillic in your home directory ~/bin. And you can edit your keyboard maps in files ~/bin/easy-cyrillic/keytables/*.map according your needs.
  5. You are ready to use it. Just start "ec koi8" or "ec cp866" or "ec cp1251". But I recommend you to restart Linux or at least relogin.
  6. In Midnight Commander (assume you have MC v4.1.35 or better) press F9, then in "Option/Display Bits" mark "[x] Full 8 Bit Input" and also mark "(*) Full 8 Bits Output". Save changes.
  7. Some programs require to set environment variables or some settings in their config files for correct operating with cyrillic chars. You can realize what to do by reading Cyrillic HOWTO or man for such programs. Bash and Less will work correct after restart/relogin. 
  8. You can add suport for more languages (manually). Go to directory ~/bin/easy-cyrillic/ (for user) or /usr/lib/kbd/ (for root) make a copy of files with commands: 
    cp consolefonts/ec-cp866.font consolefonts/ec-user1.font
    cp keytables/ec-cp866.map keytables/ec-user1.map (probably ec-cp866.map.gz  ! )
    cp consoletrans/ec-cp866.smap consoletrans/ec-user1.smap
    then edit this new files according your needs. Use "ec user1" or Shift+F4 to switch to new language. If you create files with names ec-ABRAKADABRA.* you can choose them with command "ec ABRAKADABRA" .
  9. You can switch code page on-the-fly. From shell press Shift+F1 for KOI8, Shift+F2 for CP1251 or Shift+F3 for CP866, Shift+F4 for user defined codepage. If under Midnight Commander exit MC before.
  10. Time to make a test, isn't it?
    This line is in KOI8 - Ё╧╤╫╔╠╔╙╪ ╥╒╙╙╦╔┼ ┬╒╦╧╫╦╔? Ё╧╫┼┌╠╧ :)
    This line is in CP866 - Появились русские буковки? Повезло :)
    This line is in CP1251 - ╧ю тшышё№ Ёєёёъшх сєъютъш? ╧ютхчыю :)
    There is a file Cyr-Test-File with example of an alphabet.
  11. It will also install transcode program todos, which allows you to change encoding of text. Original of todos is distributed in ./other/todos.tgz . Todos - Copyright (C) 1993-1997 by Andrey A. Chernov, Moscow. Please read copyright info in file ./other/READ.ME.todos . Todos is very simple to use program. Formats of command are:
    todos < inputfile > outputfile # this will make koi8 -> cp866
    towin < inputfile > outputfile # this will make koi8 -> cp1251
    fromdos < inputfile > outputfile # this will make cp866 -> koi8
    fromwin < inputfile > outputfile # this will make cp1251 -> koi8
    Easy , eh?
  12. Unfortunately, if you use easy cyrillic not as root "ec codepage" commands will work only from login (primary) shell.
  13. Install wil make copies of all modified files. Old files will be saved with .ec.bak extension. List of modified files:
    In case of installing under root also will be modified files:
  14. For those who understand. Easy-cyrillic will add some settings:
    File .bash_profile
    Files .bashrc .mc.bashrc
    alias rm='rm -i'
    alias cp='cp -i'
    alias mv='mv -i'
    alias dir='ls -F --color=auto'
    alias joe='joe -asis -marking -lightoff'
    Files .inputrc .mc.inputrc (better have a look inside)
    Fixed keys DELETE, HOME, END;
    Added hotkeys;
    set meta-flag on
    set convert-meta off
    set output-meta on
    File .telnetrc
    DEFAULT set outbinary 
    File .tinrc

    Note: Don't forget to read Cyrillic HOWTO's in ./other directory.
    Something's wrong with big russian "bI" in CP866,
    use small instead.

    And the last one: man, man and once more man. (c) V. I. Lenin :)

    ATTENTION: Use it on your own risk, authors are responsible for nothing.