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2. Installation

2.1 Installing on a floppy disk.

Download a file frescoXYZ.zip (XYZ - is a version number), unpack it in a temporary folder. There you will find:

  • folder TCLIENT.W9x, containing Time Server client for Windows 95/98
  • folder TCLIENT.UIX, containing Time Server client for linux(unix)
  • freesco.scp - script for modem connection to FREESCO from Windows 95/98
  • freesco.XYZ - floppy disk image of XYZ version of FREESCO
  • rawrite.exe - program that copies image on floppy disk

Then make a floppy disk using rawrite program under DOS or DOS box in Windows 9x:

rawrite.exe freesco.XYZ

or using dd program under linux:

dd if=freesco.XYZ of=/dev/fd0

Now boot from your floppy and at a prompt type


and set up your router as it's described in section 4.

2.2 Installing on a hard disk.

Prepare bootable hard disk drive with MS DOS (or compatible OS) on it.
Prepare floppy as it's said in section 2.1, boot from it, login as root (username: root, password: root) and execute:


Remove floppy disk and boot from hard disk. At DOS prompt type

router.bat setup

and setup your router as it's described in section 4.

NOTE: See Troubleshooting section.