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8. Troubleshooting

Should you find a bug or have a problem reboot your router and issue command:


then find a file report on your boot device, e-mail me this file with detailed explanation of problem.
Did I tell you read manual again before reporting about bugs or asking help?

  • I have 8 MB RAM (or less) and I'd like to run router from hard disk, but I can't execute move2hdd. Console and say something like: "can't fork blablabla" or "Bus error". What do I do?
  • Boot you router from floppy disk in setup mode. When it starts switch to second console (press ALT+F2), login as root and execute move2hdd. Then boot from hard disk in setup mode and add/switch on swap file.
  •  I have 8 MB RAM (or less) and I can't use router. It doesn't work and I continue receive on console something like: "can't fork blablabla" or "Bus error". What do I do?
  • It means your system is out of memory. One way to increase amount of memory is switch on swap file. It is usable if you start your router from hard disk. If you don't have hard disk or don't want to use it there is another way. You have to disable unneeded services like public http server etc. Of course adding some more memory isn't forbidden. :)

This section will grow after your replies and reports.