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9. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. After boot system asks me a password. What is that password?
A. login: root password: root  By the way read manual.

Q. I'm tired having sex with FREESCO. Nothing comes out. What should I do?
A. Read manual and search for word report.

Q. I've just read it eighty times and still have same problem. What is next?
A. Reboot your router and issue command report . Then find a file report and send me this file by e-mail with detailed explanation of problem.

Q. Can I use both modems as one link to ISP to increase banwidth?
A. No you can't. This must be supported on ISP side for such feature, but very few providers have it. You can count such providers on one hand fingers so better forget about it.

Q. I just gave Freesco/Ballantain a go on my old 486 Gateway 33MHz DX. It makes it up where it loads the kernel, but then no further text is visibly written to the screen (cursor moves some). The floppy lights up on and off for another minute or so, but I never seem to gain access of any kind. What is the problem?
A. Remove all "vga=4" from a file syslinux.cfg (if you boot router from floppy disk) and from router.bat (if you boot it from hard disk)

Q. Is there a way to add support for Net2Phone with this distribution of Freesco?
A. Consult with IP masquerad manual at http://ipmasq.cjb.net/

Q. I have Freesco loaded on a 500meg HD and I am wondering how can I upload to the http server that is included with Freesco.
A. You must use FloppyNET :) Bring your files on a floppy disk and copy them manually.

Q. When I log into my win 98 machine my router automatically logs onto my ISP even though I have not tried to access any internet resources.
A. Use NetBEUI or IPX/SPX as default protocol in your local network and use TCP/IP protocol only for internet or configure (manually) DNS server for all computers on local networks.

The rest of this section will grow after your replies and reports.