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Related Projects and Sites

* - my favorite links
$ - commercial projects (but have trial or limited version)

Airmid "Airmid is a GNU/Linux rescue disk that is made with newbies in mind."

AutoNet "AutoNet is a freeware that helps you create an dial-up router in an existing network... You will need that old useless 386 (or better) with a floppy drive, a network card, an ISDN card (or a modem). You will NOT need any monitor, no hard drive, no keyboard, no mouse, not even an OS!"

* Brutalware Hakerz swiss knife.

CClinux "CClinux is a minimal linux distribution, it will fit on a single floppy. The difference with the other mini linuxes is that this one carries the latest kernel, 2.2.10 at the time of writing, and uses as much GNU tools as possible. So you're getting bash, gzip gnu ls etc."

$ Coyote Linux "Coyote Linux is a single floppy distribution of Linux that is derived from the Linux Router Project (LRP). The main difference between LRP and Coyote is the way that it is configured and maintained.
Coyote Linux is designed for use by those wishing to share an Internet connection that is provided via an ethernet connection with other computers that are connected to a local area network (LAN)."

DLX "DLX is a full featured linux system running on Intel PC's. The special thing is that DLX comes with only one 3,5 floppydisk."

DosLinux "This is a small Linux operating system that can be installed on an existing Dos system i.e. msdos, pcdos, drdos, and win95/98 in dos mode. It's not a umsdos system, it's a loop system that uses the standard linux ext2 filesystem."

Dualix "GNU Dualix is a mini-distribution of Linux based on kernel 2.2.14 and libc5. It is intended for use as a portable network client, but includes much more than just network programs... Note that it is not a rescue system."

ELKS "The goal of the ELKS project is to create a Linux option for
  • 8086 and 80286 class PC's
  • Palmtop Computers
  • Single board microcomputers
  • Embedded controller systems
  • Other old computers"

Empire Linux "Empire Linux is more or less a little experiment that I have going to create a mini-linux system on a 3,5" floppy. It is based on heavily on the LOAF distibution. It will run on a 386sx with 4mb of RAM and a floppy drive."

FirePlug EDGE Router Project "As part of FirePlug's ongoing development of commodity computing products, we present the FirePlug EDGE Router Project. Here you will find the software to make a very minimally configured consumer PC into a basic stand alone Internet firewall, complete with address translation, proxying, and IP packet forwarding."
"EDGE is an example of an application of the ThinLinux package. See the ThinLinux Organization."
"The changes we have made to the LRP package in making this software fall directly out of our own experience with using the local Rogers Wave/@HOME and BC Tel ADSL services here in the Vancouver area."

Fli4L "Der Begriff Fli4L ist die Kurzform fur den Begriff: Floppy ISDN fur Linux.
Dieses Paket enthallt einen Linux-basierenden ISDN-Router der lediglich 1 Diskette zum Arbeiten benotigt."

floppyfw One more static router. (I didn't try it)
"floppyfw is a static router with the firewall-capabilities in Linux. I am using this to put my home network behind a box running this and an ADSL modem on the other side. It can of course be used with cable modems and everything else giving you an ethernet port to connect to. It is also used as a basic firewall at some sites that do not need proxying proxies. Features:
  • Accesslists, IP-masquerading (Network Address Translation) controlled by ipchains;
  • Port forwarding (getting access to internal network from outside) using ipmasqadm;
  • Requires only a 386sx or better with two network interface cards, a 1.44MB floppy drive and 8Mbyte of RAM (I hoped, right now, you need 12, working on it. );
  • Very simple packaging system, will be used for different VPN systems and DHCP clients and whatever comes up. (now this is looking even more like LRP);
  • Logging through klogd/syslogd."

Floppix "Floppix is a teaching tool; it is a very small subset of Debian/ GNU Linux that fits on two 3.5" 1.4Mb diskettes... It provides a platform to practice linux commands and experiment with simple system administration."

giotto "giotto follows the idea of a modular floppy Linux. In other words, it tries to provide a common platform for Linux applications that can be run from a floppy, e.g.:
  • Multicard Ethernet Routers
  • Firewalls
  • VNC Terminals
  • MP3 Player
  • Crypto Servers and Routers"

  • * hal91 IThe first linux on a floppy I saw. It pushed me to start these projects. :)
    "hal91 is a minimalistic linux installation fitting on one single 1.44Mb disk. It is intended for use as an rescue disk and a portable linux system."

    HVLinux "HVLinux is a linux mini-distribution that runs entirely in RAM and is contained,for now, on 3 floppy disks.... This is a server oriented distribution thats the main reason for including smtp,ftp y telnetd and we hope to include lots of network security tools."

    LEM "LEM an Embedded version of Linux that can fit on less than 8 Meg Disk Partition (Base + Xfree) or any other support like Flash disk IDE and the like."

    LIAP "Linux in a Pillbox. My Linux project contains "pills". Each of them is good for one disease, but it doesn't work good enough for another. When you know what do you need a Linux for, you may choose a good pill."

    * Linux router project Great!, but it's not for newbies.
    "A networking centric mini-distribution of Linux. LRP is small enough to fit on a single 1.44MB floppy disk, and makes building and maintaining routers, terminal servers, and typically embedded networking systems next to trivial."

    LOAF "Linux On A Floppy (LOAF) is a tiny, one floppy distribution of Linux."

    * LSD "Linux and Squid on a Diskette would be a particularly appropriate expansion of the acronym, since the complete system fits onto a single 1.44MB floppy disk for easy transit/distribution."
    Note: Naturally you will need hard disk drive to install LSD on it, it's only distributed on a floppy.

    Martins Linux Mandrake "This is another mini linux distribution on two floppy disks. You need one floppy disk for the linux kernel which is about 365 kByte and another 1,44 MByte floppy disk for the compressed root-filesystem."

    muLinux I wonder how he was able to put all these things on a floppy disk.
    Ahh, I know - he uses a rubber floppy disk :)

    "This is the muLinux (micro-Linux), a tiny distribution of Linux (2.0.34 modular kernel) made in Italy, which reside on a single 1722K floppy. Work on PC 386-4M + swap and install in RAM, UMSDOS & EXT2. Support: mounting Linux, DOS and Windows95 partitions; Internet connection (via PPP) or LAN (via ethernet card); e-mail processing (fetch, read and send mail), NFS, ftp, finger, telnet, tcpdump, IRC (tinyirc), news and web browsing (with lynx 2.6); remote access via modem line (miterm); editing and printing; play & record WAV, CD listening (workbone); fax receiving, sending and printing (efax); dialin modem connection (agetty) and null-modem cable serial connection."

    $ NewMAX "The NetMAX line of servers GUI is unreal at how easy it is to administer Linux. This is truly a very user friendly, low cost solution for companies looking to migrate to Linux." - Jim Ray

    NiLinux I wish I understood this :)
    "NiLinux ist eine Mini-Linux-Distribution auf einer 3,5-Zoll-Diskette, die neben Linux (Kernel 2.2.6) auch den Sprachübersetzer Nilix Version 1.2 enthält."

    $ PizzaBox "The PizzaBox File Server is a Linux and Samba based File, Print and CD Thin Server designed to run from Flash ROM on standard PC hardware... A completely FREE evaluation copy of the PizzaBox File Server is available, specifically adapted to run from a mechanical hard drive."

    Pocket Linux "Pocket Linux is an almost minimal, one floppy linux system designed to quickly convert PC workstation into secure linux-based workstation using ssh to connect to remote host (other networking clients are also supported). It supports bootp for determining host IP and other network parameters"

    $ ShareTheNet Very similar to Ballantain project even a bit better, but not free.
    "What is ShareTheNet?
    ShareTheNet lets you share your low cost Internet connection across your network. Using ShareTheNet, all of the computers on your network can do their own work on the Internet as though they have their own connection. Unlike our competitors, ShareTheNet allows just about any network software to use the Internet. No more funbling with SOCKS settings for each package on every machine. And ShareTheNet is ultra-secure right out of the box. You don't have to worry about hackers viewing and changing your private files like they can if you're not careful with other Internet gateway software."

    Small Linux "This page seeks to be a resource for users who need a Linux Kernel that meets small memory requirements. Small Linux has been used (console based) on a 386 laptop with 2 meg of ram and a 40 meg harddrive."

    spyLinux "spyLinux is (s)mall (py)thon (Linux). It's a single disk distribution of Linux which contains some basic utilities, networking, vi, and the python interpreter ( minus Tkinter )."

    Stuff at Sunsite "What you'll find here: rescue disk images and tools for creating rescue disks"

    *** tomsrtbt Fantastic. Just have a look. A lot of links to the related sites. I love it.
    "What is tomsrtbt? The most Linux on one floppy disk for: rescue recovery panic & emergencies tools to keep in your shirt pockets whenever you can't use a hard drive"

    Trinux "Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from 2-3 floppies (or a FAT 16 partition) and runs entirely in RAM. Trinux contains the latest versions of popular network security tools and is useful for mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks."

    Yard "Yard is a suite of Perl scripts for creating rescue disks (also called bootdisks) for Linux. A rescue disk is a self-contained Linux kernel and filesystem on a floppy, usually used when you can't (or don't want to) boot off your hard disk. A rescue disk usually contains utilities for diagnosing and manipulating hard disks and filesystems."

    Xdeny "Xdenu is small Linux distribution kit. The guiding principles have been the ease of use, the ease of installation and small size. Main goal has been to compile an X terminal environment to Helsinki University of Technology campus area. Later serial line communications packages as ppp and term were added."

    Non Linux based

    $ GNATBox Note: This is *BSD based system.
    "GNAT Box is the technological outgrowth of GTA's ICSA (formerly the NCSA) Certified GFX Internet Firewall System. Although the GNAT Box doesn't have all the features and functionality of its parent, it still retains the stateful transparent packet inspection technology of the GFX system. In its default configuration the GNAT Box does not accept unsolicited connections from the external network."

    PicoBSD Note: This is FreeBSD based system.
    "This page contains information on developing FreeBSD to work in various small and unusual places, such as single floppy, vnode (vn(4)) partitions or embedded controllers."

    Other links

    http://www.freesco.org/ FREESCO primary site

    http://www.freesco.com/ FREESCO mirror site

    http://ipmasq.cjb.net/ home of Linux IP Masquerade

    http://www.isc.org/ home of BIND (DNS server)

    http://www.loonie.net/~eschenk/diald.html home of diald (dialing daemon)

    http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/clock2.htm list of free time servers

    http://www.uk.axis.com/techsup/prtsrv/printmon/ AXIS Print Monitor for Windows 95
    http://www.utexas.edu/academic/otl/software/lpr/ win-32 client for print server (it's not free!)

    http://linuxcentral.com/linux/man-pages/manbook.html Linux Central Man Pages

    http://www.linux-howto.com/ Linux HOWTO's

    http://www.it.kth.se/edu/gru/Internet/tcpdump.html tcpdump manual page