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FREESCO, a router for networks with static routing.

Freesco was developed in the open source tradition as an alternative to routing products offered by Cisco, 3-Com, Accend, Nortel etc. All of these companies offer products that are well made, but they are also proprietary and expensive. Between the cost of the equipment and support, you'll spend a great deal and only address one or two of your networking needs .. Additionally, by being closed source (proprietary), many of these products restrict the user from modifying the source software to better suit their needs and easily fix problems that arise.

As many of us who work in the IS industry know, Management is always looking for ways to make work more efficient and decrease expenses. At the same time though, the IS department is usually restricted by budgetary constraints that prevent it from implementing products that would do just that, cut costs and make people's work easier and more cost effective.

That is where an open source product like Freesco can make all the difference. It is open source (non-proprietary), easy to use and best of all, free.

Freesco is based on the Linux operating system and incorporates many of the features of a full operating system into software that fits on a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette. With Freesco, you can make:

  • a simple bridge with up to 3 Ethernet segments
  • a router with up to 3 Ethernet segments
  • a dialup line router
  • a leased line router
  • an Ethernet router
  • a dial-in server with up to 2 modems
  • a time server
  • a dhcp server
  • a http server
  • a print server (requires TCP/IP printing client software)

Freesco also incorporates firewalling and NAT which are resident within the Linux kernel to help protect you and your network. All of these features can be used in conjunction with each other or individually.

How does Freesco do all this? By using only what you need from the Linux operating system and by utilizing the best in "small" *nix programs such as:

Unlike many commercial products, set-up of Freesco is very simple. Freesco contains a configuration utility that makes set-up and maintenance of the system easy and fast. Providing you have the basic information needed to operate the system, i.e., IP address, gateway address, how you want to use the system(s) etc., setup can be completed in less that 10 minutes. Once the configuration is complete, all it takes is a simple reboot and connection to your network to begin using Freesco and enjoying what it allows you to do. Freesco even provides a web control interface so that you can administer the system from any web browser anywhere, anytime. How is that for convenient?

Support for Freesco is supplied through our web board. There you can ask any question pertaining to set-up and use, or view postings that have already been placed by other Freesco users. When posting a question, you will usually get a response within 24 hours from either the Maintainer or another Freesco user. And best of all, you don't have to pay for the support, that's the beauty of the open source community and Freesco.

We hope you enjoy using Freesco! Visit us here frequently for new versions and updates to ensure that you get the best performance from your system.

Some technical info:

Control via: telnet, web, console.